After almost 25 years in the academy as a student, graduate student, educator, research assistant, and now a motherscholar and woman faculty of color, earning my degrees and tenure were difficult. There were many barriers, hidden pathways, and unspoken rules that I had to learn. Additionally, I had to learn how to “balance” my life, family, kids, and even relationships. For years I have been supporting other faculty of color, women, motherscholars, and other diverse faculty and students in academia, especially those who are doing socially just work. In supporting them I noticed a need for academic coaching that improves publication productivity, streamlines and organizes publishing, conferencing, teaching, and dissertating. I also noticed a need for race and identity coaching that will enhance academic and racial well-being and give skillsets on how to navigate and advocate under academic harassment, bulling, and racial or gender microaggressions.

Not wanting anyone else to struggle alone, I now provide services to support the following:

  1. faculty in obtaining tenure,
  2. universities in practicing racially inclusive practices, and
  3. graduate students in obtaining a degree and academic positions.

I even provide race and identity coaching for those who need support while they tirelessly engage in racially just advocacy. I believe that paying it forward can create a more humane academy and society, one where we need not compromise who we are. Don’t go it alone. Contact me today!


When I started the academy I was a single motherscholar of twin toddlers trying to balance publications, conferencing, motherhood, and even dating. It was difficult. There were times I was made to feel guilty for leaving a meeting to pick up my sick child or was punished for speaking out against policies that were not racially just. I even received hate mail for doing the work to dismantle racism and white supremacy. As a brown- skinned Pinay motherscholar of three (now), one can understand how I feared for the lives of my children and myself. But I wasn’t going to take it lying down. Now as a tenured faculty member I refuse to let other motherscholars, women of color, faculty and students of diverse backgrounds endure the same academic and life challenges. Whether publishing or dealing with academic bullying, I am here to support others. Instead of allowing the academy to swallow up my identity, I believe, if the academy is truly interested in diversity and inclusion, then they will have to learn how to appreciate my identity and the diverse ideas, identities, and languages of others. I always tell my students to “make the academy what you want of it.” Beyond its isolation and coldness, I choose to show love, support, and solidarity in my own Cheryl-style. That is why at the end of my CV, beyond the publications, conference presentations, and courses taught, you will see me.


I am a motherscholar, an avid runner, 90’s hip-hop music enthusiast, ballroom Bachata dancer and unyielding Lakers fan.




Provide individual and/or institutional coaching and workshops to develop manuscripts or dissertations, streamline publishing process, and organize writing process. Particularly, for manuscripts dealing with issues of equity,diversity, and justice. Contact me for a menu of services today


Provide individual and/or institutional coaching and workshops to support diverse faculty and students or faculty doing research on diversity, equity, and social justice. Particularly, coaching services that teaches skills sets to deconstruct academic situation and offers tools for success both professionally and personally. Contact me for a menu of services today


Providing individual and institutional coaching, workshops, and traditional lectures to support racial justice in education, society,and the individual. Contact me for a menu of services today

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